DIY DH Project

The lesson I chose to complete is “Creating Mobile Augmented Reality Experiences in Unity” because it sounded super interesting and I figured the more interested I was, the more likely I’d be to want to finish it.

Before I did this, I had absolutely no familiarity with any of the technology. I have only ever used Microsoft and Google software before this, and often times I sometimes have a hard time doing that as well. This website also has a lot of software requirements that I had to download in order to complete this lesson, and that made it seem more daunting but it was very interesting to see how many steps were required to complete this lesson because of how complicated it is.

I had to download a lot of software on my computer in order to complete the lesson, like I mentioned before, so the very first thing I had to do was download the applications and that took a substantially longer time than I thought it would. After that I started the process of actually completing the lesson, which was to take a picture of an object and add some animations to make it look augmented. The actual process was very strenuous and required a lot of effort to fully complete, and I did not end up finishing it because of how many steps it actually took to complete the entire procedure. The steps were also very complicated because of how hard it is to actually apply this type of software to pictures like you’re supposed to do after completing this lesson.

Although it was quite straightforward, because there were so many different steps we had to accomplish that it ended up being harder than I thought it was going to be and the difficulty was listed as medium. I encountered a lot of frustrations about half way through because of the complexity of the assignment and I ended up not finishing it. I actually did the lesson about a week and a half ago and tried to come back and pick up where I left off before I wrote this blog, but it still was harder than I thought it was going to be. Also, the final product is extremely cool but it more than likely isn’t relevant to something I would use in my future job, so I decided that the stress was not worth the aggravation of trying to solve the lesson.

If you are tech savvy, I think this tool is probably very useful for people who are interested in adding augmented reality features to a picture or any document that could online. It also attracts a different audience, because it targets younger viewers who are interested in fun infographics like the ones you could make. Especially with the project we are doing with CWGRA, it may add some cool features that can draw in other people to the website that may not have been interested beforehand. The lesson is super interesting so one day I may come back and try again, but overall I think the difficulty of the lesson was too much since I am not very good at understanding the technology that was required from this lesson.






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